• Doesn't need frequent washing, you can do gentle spot-cleaning.
  • Heat,agitation and wrong detergents are wool's worst enemies.Use each moderately (heat shrinks wool).
  • Woolen items are likely to damage your washing-machine, leaving filaments stuck to the insides.
  • Hand-wash is the best.
  • Dry flat to retain shape.
  • Dry-clean to be safe.
  • If washing at home, use cold water (never hot) and baby shampoo. Tumble dry only if allowed (check care label).
  • Avoid wringing the garment.
  • Flat dry. Hanging them will distort the shape.
  • Avoid hot ironing.
  • Wash and iron inside out.
  • Safe n easy fabric, machine-wash in warm water, normal wash cycle,suitable detergent, tumble-dry.
  • Avoid adding bleach additive if a finish has been applied.
  • Creases easily, irons easily too, safe to use high temperature setting.
  • Likely to shrink in the first wash. Best to dry-clean first.
  • Dry whites in sun, but colours in shade, better still–inside out.
  • Natural fibre, wrinkles easily and needs ironing at medium-high temperature setting.
  • Handwash with lukewarm or cold water.
  • Gentle washing machine cycle.
  • Mild detergents are best for this fabric.
  • Hang on a hanger or flat-dry.
  • Iron dark colours inside out.
  • Handwash best for silks.
  • Use cold water. If you have hard water, add spoonful of borax to it.
  • If machine washing,run the Gentle/Delicate cycle.
  • Avoid spin-drying.
  • Mild detergent or baby shampoo.
  • Dry in shade, sunlight will damage the fabric and yellow it.
  • Do not soak for more than a few minutes.
  • Avoid wringing after wash, roll in towels to extract water.
  • Iron on low heat, turn settings to 'silk'.
Colour Care
  • Start thinking colours. Sort out your laundry, bright/dark colours from the pastels to avoid dark colours from bleeding into light shades.
  • Wash inside out to protect from the rough n tumble of washing process
  • Use mild detergent/colour-care detergents
  • Follow the Care label instructions, run appropriate cycle while machine-washing.
  • You could soak coloured clothes in salt water overnight to keep them bright and wash them the next morning.
  • You could add a dash of pepper to the wash-load to retain brightness of the coloured clothes.
  • Important tip : If light shades catch on dark colours in the washing machine, separate affected garments, do not dry them but wash them again in machine and the unwanted dye will mostly be removed.
  • Top Tip : If washing a new bright coloured garment, do so individually for first few cycles ( hand-wash ).
  • For Whites : Use bleach only with cold water and for a maximum of thirty minutes.
    Do not use copper, iron or brass containers.
Iron Care
  • Always start with the lowest temperature settings.
  • Set appropriate settings for different fabrics.
  • Use mild detergent/colour-care detergents
  • Sort the clothes and iron one kind of fabric before choosing another.
  • Ironing while clothes are still damp is more effective.
  • Before the iron cools,wipe the plate with damp cloth to remove any fibres or spray-starch (if you have used) sticking to the plate.
General Tips for a Good Wash
  • Empty pockets before wash.
  • Do not rub or brush garments during wash.
  • Avoid using fabric conditioners for 100% cotton items, like towels, they will lose their absorbency.
Stain is a Pain. Remove It
  • Spray 1/1 Vodka and water,add a few drops of an essential oil and quickly remove unwanted ODOUR from your clothes.
  • Use baby powder to remove OIL STAINS. Apply baby powder to the oil stains, leave it overnight and then wash.
  • Use baby wipes to remove DEODORANT STAINS.
  • A little distilled vinegar to the final wash cycle of your jeans to retain the original colour.

Disclaimer: The above tips, suggestions, points, may vary from garment to garment, depending on the usage pattern and the quality of the garment.‎ Big Laundry or its management does not validate or take any responsibility on the same.

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