Sanitize Wash | Wash - Disinfect and Steam Press your Laundry
Why Sanitize Wash?
Introducing Sanitize Wash - a first of its kind 100% sanitization process that cares for your clothes, just as you care for your hands.
Microbes, odour-causing bacteria and dust-mites may accumulate on your garments when they are exposed to the outdoors. A normal laundry wash may remove dirt but may not be efficient in disinfecting your garments. Keep yourself safe and maintain hygiene by sanitizing your clothes too. know more

Sanitize Wash Advantages

Kills 99.9% Microbes

A special anti-microbial process sanitizes upto 99.9% of the garment

Globally Approved Formula

A special chemical disinfects and sanitizes the garment completely

Disinfectant Infused Steam Press

Each garment is steam processed while drying and pressing

Washed Separately

Each garment is individually and separately handled at our processing unit

Individual Packaging

Special attention is given to each garment which is packed individually

Hygienic Garment

The garment is delivered back in a sparkling new condition and 100% sanitized

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